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Mel McDonald, Former United States Attorney for the District of Arizona

During more than 46 years of legal practice, (which includes work as a former prosecutor, Maricopa County Superior Judge and U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona) I have been privileged to work with many talented attorneys.  Matt Hayes is among several who sit at the top of that list.

During the 5 years that Matt worked directly with me in criminal defense, he was an invaluable resource.  I trusted his judgment implicitly and saw him, again and again, deliver wise counsel and positive results to our clients.  His intelligence, honesty, and temperament, along with his excellent interpersonal skills, enabled him to develop his own strong  client base.  He is an outstanding litigator – always prepared working closely with the clients..

Matt is exceptionally intelligent and possesses the ability to consider legal issues from every perspective.  His thoughtful analysis on complex cases enabled him to determine the best options for our clients.  Matt has excellent communication skills and is fair-mindedness.  His work ethic and ability to deliver good outcomes have paid dividends with repeated referrals from his colleagues as well as his former clients. I highly recommend Matt Hayes.  He is honest, fair, and loyal.  I will miss Matt working with me, but know that he will have a fabulous career in his own law practice.

-Mel McDonald, Former United States Attorney for the District of Arizona