Orders of Protection / Injunctions Against Harassment

What are Orders of Protection?

Civil court orders prohibiting a specific person from coming near your home, work site, school, or other locations as listed on the order. These orders are issued by a Judge and must be served by a police officer, deputy sheriff or process server. They are effective for 12 months from service date.

In Arizona there are two types of Protection Orders.

1. Order of Protection

The first type is called an order of protection. This is used when:

  • The parties are married, or were married in the past,
  • The parties live together, or lived together in the past,
  • The parties are the parents of a child in common
  • The party is pregnant by the other,
  • The party is a parent, grandparent, in-law or sibling.
2. Injunction Against Harassment

The second type of order is an injunction against harassment.

The order prohibits a person from harassing, annoying or alarming another person. It can be filed against neighbors, friends or strangers, as long as you have their name. Typically an act of harassment will not be enough to get an order. There must be a series or pattern of acts before a judge will consider granting the order.  The person filing the injunction is called the plaintiff. The person against whom the injunction is filed is called the defendant.